Buying A Worm Farm

Complete Worm Farm

Now the worm farm is ready.

When first setting up a worm farm there are two options that are available to you. First you can make a worm farm ( which I will cover in another post ) or you can buy one, which we will cover today.

There is a wide selection of worm farms available on the market today and you will find most have been designed over time to produce a product that is extremely effective in the recycling of organic waste. When first starting out I would recommend purchasing a worm farm so you can learn the mechanics of how the farm works which you could then replicate if you decide to make your own from scratch.

When deciding on the size of your worm farm you will need to look at the waste you will be producing. I single person will not be producing the same waste as a family of five, thus they would opt for a single tray system rather than a multi tray farm. But in saying that, a one person household that eats a large quantity of fruit and vegetables could require a larger worm farm to recycle their larger amount of organic waste. As a rule of thumb , if you are unsure always go for a larger worm farm as overfeeding of a smaller one will cause the farm to go anaerobic and start to smell.

Buying The Worm Farm

Once you have decided on your worm farm the next thing to do is decide where you would like to purchase it. Unfortunately not all hardware retailers will stock worm farms or live worms,but with the amount of reputable retailers available on line making your decision should not be to hard.

Below I have listed some deal at Amazon who besides having great prices have a great review service available on all items so you can see what other buyers thought.

Buying A Worm Farm Check List.

  1. Worm Farm: Determine the size befor searching and then find a colour, shape to suit your personal tastes.
  2. Worm: When first starting out it is best to get a minimum of 1000 worms. My first farm I actually bought an extra 500 which filled the first tray and got me started on the second tray within a matter of weeks.
  3. Worm Farm Mat: You might not think this overly important, but to get your worm farm functioning at maximum efficiency I would not recommend starting without it. Besides helping maintain a moist environment I find it encourages the earthworms to feed even during daylight hours.
  4. Worm Conditioner: Again, you might not think this overly important but again I would highly recommend getting it. It help maintain a good Ph level in the worm farm and I have found it is great for controlling  entrachyadida, which are small white worm that appear in most farms. They will not hurt your compost worms but indicate acidic conditions.




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